Thursday, April 30, 2009

Maoist Rebels...are you F*&%ing serious??

So let me set the scene for you...

This is pretty much what I saw for three hours of the ride.

Some of my fellow travellers brought their little book of Hebrew philosophy with them and decided now is a good a time as ever to share some of it. I surprisingly love being serenaded with all that Israeli wisdom while flying round the corners on a back Himalayan road.

Some Canadians decided this was the perfect time to break open that home grown Nepali whiskey they had purchased and damn near bought out the whole store next to the bus station. My oh my what are all those Nepali alcoholics going to do without there fire water until the next truck comes?
They did share however, and soon we had flasks, bottles, plastic chai cups and everything else that would hold some liquid in it going around the top of this ready to burst bus. It was a make shift party if I ever saw one.

And only about an hour or so after the alcohol started flowing did the bus stop abruptly...and hearsay of a Maoist rebel protest brewed...

None of us spoke Nepalese, none of us knew what was going on and none of us knew what to do, but that didn't stop some people from doing something...
Some went to find the nearest liquor store
Some went to find a toilet
Some went to check out what was going on
Some went to take photos
Some got into a argument with the bus driver
and some rolled and smoked a joint
and I...well I watched the circus and couldn't stop thinking "oh fuck not another Lebanon..."

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