Wednesday, January 7, 2009

can you imagine?

The Pencil test:
'During the system of apartheid in South Africa, one drop of sub-Saharan blood was not enough to be considered black. South African law maintained a major distinction between those who were black and those who were coloured. When it was unclear from a person's physical appearance which racial classification they belonged to, the pencil test was employed. This involved inserting a pencil in a person's hair to determine if the hair was kinky enough for the pencil to get stuck. If the pencil remained stuck in a person's hair, the person was "black". This type of test was used by authorities during the apartheid era in South Africa to "ascertain" a person's race (see Coloured and Passing (racial identity).) In the absence of any centralized method, this and other subjective tests were used in various places across South Africa as part of the Population Registration Act of 1950. A pencil would be placed in a person's hair, if it fell through they were classified as "White" (or "Coloured", depending on other subjective classification considerations); if the pencil did not fall through, they were classified differently ("Coloured" or "Black", also depending on other subjective classification considerations). Members of the same family who had different hair textures would find themselves in different race groups as a result of this test. This presented serious consequences for many families.'

Humans can be so smart at times and ridiculously stupid at others.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Western Cape

A small fishing village north west of Cape Town. Famous for crayfish, lobster and what appears to be Greek style architecture.

Another beautiful overlook while crossing one of the passes on our way back to the R27 coastal road.


An ostrich egg-big as my head, hard enough to jump on and equal to around 24 chicken's eggs.

My friend trying to get mobile phone reception from atop his land rover.
Gotta love South Afrika but gotta hate the telecom mobile phone service, expensive as gold and no-where to be found.

The Road inland from Cape town through the wine region. One of the most picturesque drives I have ever been on.

An overlook on False Bay... simply breathtaking!

2009 New Year celebration at the southern tip of Afrika with my good friend I met in Taiwan-Walter

Cuz that's what friends are for!

My very good friend, Francis and I at the airport just before I board the plane to South Afrika.
I really appreciate all he showed and taught me during my second visit to Brazil.
Thanks buddy I will never forget your hospitality!!!

Francis and his family own a vegetarian restaurant called Laranja Melhor in Sorocaba (about 40 mins-depending on traffic-from Sao Paulo). While staying with his family I helped out at the best restaurant (veggie or not) I have ever eaten at, and I am not just saying that because the owner is my friend. You gotta try this food! (Rua da Penha, 999-Sorocaba/SP)
This is a pic at the restaurant with Francis' brother who I call 'Boss', Patricia and I working hard. :)

Everywhere you look in Brazil you see gorgeous sky. You must go there (eat at my friend's restaurant) and see it for yourself.

This was such an interesting tree I couldn't pass up taking a photo of it and being a tree hugger I had to pay my respects.