Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cuz that's what friends are for!

My very good friend, Francis and I at the airport just before I board the plane to South Afrika.
I really appreciate all he showed and taught me during my second visit to Brazil.
Thanks buddy I will never forget your hospitality!!!

Francis and his family own a vegetarian restaurant called Laranja Melhor in Sorocaba (about 40 mins-depending on traffic-from Sao Paulo). While staying with his family I helped out at the best restaurant (veggie or not) I have ever eaten at, and I am not just saying that because the owner is my friend. You gotta try this food! (Rua da Penha, 999-Sorocaba/SP)
This is a pic at the restaurant with Francis' brother who I call 'Boss', Patricia and I working hard. :)

Everywhere you look in Brazil you see gorgeous sky. You must go there (eat at my friend's restaurant) and see it for yourself.

This was such an interesting tree I couldn't pass up taking a photo of it and being a tree hugger I had to pay my respects.

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