Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sao Paulo in Taiwan or Taiwan in Sao Paulo

I thought it was funny because this whole time I was in Brazil I spent all my time with Taiwanese, actually I even think my Chinese improved! Anyway, it was so interesting to see and meet all the different people who immigrated to Brazil from Taiwan. Their community was great and extremely welcoming. I even got a chance to eat my favorite Taiwanese vegetarian instant noodle while some of Francis' friends and girlfriend and I went on a road trip to Paraty. This pic was taken at a Taoist gathering in Sorocaba...or was I really in Taiwan....I can't really be sure ;)

What can I say except the most post card perfect clouds I have ever seen!

This is the view of one of the islands we visited while on a tour boat in Paraty during our road trip there. I swam and swam and swam, even the rain couldn't stop me. And even with the rain it was still a absolute beautiful experience! I was deemed the mermaid of the boat by fellow travelers from Sao Paulo.

Have you ever seen a bigger butterfly, because I haven't! God I can't wait to go to the Amazon!

This was the view of Sao Paulo from my window on the plane... no wonder traffic is a nightmare here...this went on as far as the eye could see in ALL directions from the airport.

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