Monday, February 23, 2009

I GOT WORMS...litterally

As many of you know I am a vegetarian, however from time to time I do have some fish. Usually out of politeness and ease while traveling through new countries (I do realize this doesn't make me a "real" vegetarian).

Anyway, while in Cape Coast of Ghana, I partook in some fish stew, which I really tried hard to get out of trying, but as a personal favor to someone I palleted as much as I could. It was THIS stew that I have deduced to being the culprit of my intestinal infestation!

It was a fabulous experience not being able to utilize a toilet for OVER a week! My stomach hurt so bad and I felt nauseous on and off throughout the experience. Finally I caved in and excepted the fact that YES...I HAD WORMS. I got some dewormer took it and 8-10 hours later I was using the toilet like only a chile-eating champion from New Delhi would!!!

It was all this time on the toilet that I could really contemplate my life and I have since come to the conclusion to leave fish out of my diet from now on. It is funny how humans needs such serious lessons in life. And the funnier part are the locals. Anywhere in Accra you will find billboard advertising dewormer, and later I realized locals take the medicine every 3-4 months regularly... That dewormer is some powerful stuff-it is basically ingesting pesticides and don't get me started on the liver damage!

Now wouldn't it be better to find the problem at its source and solve it there rather than getting the problem and medicating it regularly?!?!?!
But sadly I found that a lot here in West Africa-people's disregard for personal health.

Is eating meat worth it? I guess for some people it is...

What a world!