Friday, January 16, 2009

Life is Funny!

So the story is that I was supposed to leave South Africa on Friday, well as fate has it I missed my plane (first time in my life by the way). Well I had bought a Round the World ticket and one condition is if you miss one of the flights ALL your tickets are cancelled...I was devastated. Especially because I had JUST spent way too much money to change the date of my flight. After the oh so polite (NOT) clerk told me I cannot board the plane (although the gate was still open and people still boarding) I cried and cried. Then I went outside to get myself together to figure out what to do. When I went outside, two white t-shirt jeans, no bags, shady guys followed me (Joburg airport is infamous for robbery). I sat down against a wall with my bag, and I thought fuck it if the rob me at least the police might have some sympathy and help me argue to get my tickets back.
As I sat there I couldn't help it I just started balling out tears. As I sobbed the two guys after talking for a minute or two and looking over their shoulder at me and then decided to go back inside. So no sympathy from the police. I decided to call the girl, Claudine, that I had been staying with in Joburg. She drove all the way back to the airport to pick me up and housed and fed me until I figured out what to do. (until I finish my trip and use the rest of my tickets I don't want to publish how I got around the whole news over the Internet travels fast these days :)

This picture was taken minutes after I got my boarding pass to Accra to continue my journey.
Thanks Claudine and good luck to you in your adventure to Guatemala on Tuesday!!!

I LOVE THAT LITTLE MONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And if there hadn't been security I would have stolen it to raise it as my own...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The SA WILDlife

I have NEVER in my life seen something so adorable and this Pygmy monkey. It was the most precious thing, I just held him and fell in LOVE...even the keeper said he saw the love in my eyes...can you see it?

Okay, now I know some are you are thinking what is up with this picture, well if it is not immediately obvious-THIS IS TIMON!!! From the Lion King...DUH!

This is the infamous "rape train". I was told by everyone how dangerous it is to ride this train...well for those of you who know me well, could I have NOT ridden it?

You can also see my sad attempt at incognito with that black hoody. If must have worked because the two and half nerve racking train ride just flew by without incident. But can you see the vigilance in my eyes?

I took this one just because I haven't totally grown up yet. This is a Christian book store selling discounted bibles...oh CUM ON YOU HAVE TO LAUGH AT THAT, and this sign is not even IN ASIA!!

Oh it keep me smiling for DAYS...

Have you ever seen a wild ostrich walking along the beach???
Because I have and I wonder if they can swim hmmm, I should have asked him.

WOWs from SA

They are MAN-eaters don't let those big beautiful eyes fool you. This one took half my finger while I was trying to feed him. He obviously never heard the saying "don't bite the hand that feeds you"!

Me in front of the magnificent 12 apostles (famous mountains in Cape Town)

Here I am where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet...if you look carefully you can actually see the line.

Cape point statistics....pretty impressive huh?

This was so month ago I was there in Rio, Brazil and today the southern tip of Africa, the world can be so small!