Friday, October 17, 2008

searching for L' Arcadie

Over the last couple months I have been planning and plotting a trip. I have realized lately that I need a change, a dramatic one. And I know what some of my friends are thinking because I travel to quite interesting places many times a year already but, I need a shock to wake me up and what better place to find that shock then in the three continents I have yet to go.
I have set out on my journey, as many would say of a lifetime but I say 'of a usually Tuesday in the life of Kristina'.
So this is the plan: South America, Africa, and India starting out with a trip down memory lane to Hawaii. Originally I was going to try and meet my father here in the beautiful islands but life doesn't always work out the way you want so I am here solo and my dad is ALWAYS with me in spirt.
I had a hell of a time with my ticket changing sometimes three times a day but alas I am finally here and been here since the 8th.
Now, what have I done....beach... MTV (OMG) chocolate....met interesting people.....nothing....had some great smiles with my GREAT sista Diva......swimming....chocolate....
That about updates me to this point as I am currently waiting for my Brazilian and Indian visas. If any of you have any suggestions for how to pass my time here I would love to hear them.


Mark you took the words right out of my mouth!