Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Annapurna part three

So this was my strategy walk as long as I could everyday and when I was tired find a place to sleep. When the trail forked just wait until someone came along and follow them. That strategy only took me so far before I realized I walked for three days in I adjusted my stategy and then every night after I found a place to sleep for the night I found a foreigner with a map and asked where we were and various other questions, then I proceeded to take a photo of the map and memorize the name of the next place I thought I could make it to the next day...Well that only worked for two days as after asking about six people to look at there maps I soon realized that all six of those maps were quite different and the names of the places are quite similar. So I adopted my last and final strategy...fuck trekking along just follow someone with a map and if we got lost blame them!
Worked lik a charm!

After six or seven days of up Up and UP the trail finally started going down and I being the insane person I am decided to mimic the "Base Camp Racers" I saw the previous day and decided to start running. Mind you those BCR they RAN from base camp to one village that would take "normal" people 2-3 days to hike in ONE day...But I still decided if they could do it, well I could too. AND actually I could too if it weren't for the bloody lady bugs everywhere and my damn Jainist ways. The whole range (below alpine) is littered with gorgeous pine forests and the ground blaketed with lady bugs. Now I am kind of a don't-like-to-kill-anything kind of girl especially a lady buy and EVEN MORE SO LADY BUGS HAVING SEX. As I was running down one mountain I was very careful where I stepped and one after another I pranced down until I was going a little fast and I almost stepped on what I saw a a good session of some lady bug love so I tried to catch my step and tumbled my lady-bug-saving ass down the mountain and cut my knee open. This is a pic of the surviving lady bugs still going at it as I became a bug-porn photographer with a swelling knee.

I continued after a short break...walking down the rest of the trail.

My fellow trekking friend who was an amazing companion to share getting lost in the mountains with! (the pole is on its way John!)

truly amazing...

The last sight of Annapurna I had before heading back to civilization

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