Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Annapurna part two

Well I wasn't prepared for alpine this was true but never in my wildest dreams did I think it was going to hail?!?!?! And oh did it hail for like 3-4 hours and make my hiking through a muddy forest a lot more interesting...

It was so beautiful to watch, but many people at the lodge were also a bit upset as it was time consuming... My fellow trekkers all used their 3-4 hours very differently: one whiped out his Economist and started reading about the economic flight that the world is in the middle of over coming, another decided to comense the drinking with a couple bottles of beer, yet another decided to feast on the Nepalese delicacies of french fries and a hamburger-all the while complaining the tomato sauce in Nepal was too sweet and there were the porters and guides in the corner sipping on their milky-sweet Napalese chai. I just watched the hail through the backdrop of that magnificent mountain in awe.

Well I didn't make it to base camp...seeing as I would have two more days hiking up to more cold and steaper hauls. But I made it as far to see this incredible view and I would say it was worth it!


Seeing this picture almost makes me forget the nights I was sure I was going to freeze to death in my made-for-the-tropics sleeping bag liner.

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