Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Anapurana trail

As my trip to India had taken a ridiculously negative dive I decided to take a break from it all and head to Nepal to do some trekking...well needless to say I was unprepared I never intended in my WHOLE trip around the world to be anywhere even remotely cold. Well the alpine climate of the Himalayas is certainly NOT the tropics I had prepared my wardrobe for. Nevertheless I needed to go trekking and release some of the demons India brought out in me so I proceeded straight to the drop off for the Annapurna trail and I started my hike with no guide, no map, no porter and no idea really where I was going nor what part of Nepal I was even in.

(anger makes people do some crazy things sometimes)

Me starting out on the top of a local Nepalese bus...and it only got more exciting from there.

After two days of not stop UP and following women carrying baskets at every fork in the trail, the view was beginning to be worth it. This is a view laying on my bed from my room on my third night on the trail.

Waking up in the alpine morning with tropical gear after a night of freezing my ARSE off and second thinking the whole base camp goal...

A view from along the hiking trail...some where between base camp and the beginning of the trail. Four days into it and about 13 forks in the road and perhaps passed 7 or 8 small villages ( I told you I didn't have a map so don't expect names of anything)

My fourth night humble Himalayan accommodations...which I shared with a fellow trekker who without having been so nice would have seen my ass trekking the next four hours in the dark UP a mountain to get to the next available room. THANKS MATE I OWE YOU ONE!!!

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