Thursday, April 30, 2009

de ja voi

This is me flashing back to Beirut with rocket propelled grenades (RPGs), then I suddenly felt at ease thinking Nepal is a poor country with poor people they can't afford RPGs...

We are all trying to figure out what to do when the group starts to split with most crossing the protest line to try their luck at transport on the other side.

The protest escalates leaving us the procrastinators to sit it out for a couple more hours.

A couple hours into the night things settle down and we see the army sitting down, and we figure this is a better time than any to make our way across to the other side...
And we make it across without incident my eight philosophical just-out-of-the-army weapon carrying new Israeli friends and I, and that was just the easy part.
When we get to the other side it was a six hour effort to get back to the town where my stuff rested. There were threats, window breaking, blackmail, name calling, negotiation, and currency exchange involved, but to make a long story short we arrive all in one piece in a nice jeep around three am.

And the next day was the Nepali new I had to party like it was 2066 ;)
Because in Nepal it WAS 2066
My goddess life can be an adventure

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