Saturday, March 7, 2009

More Mumbai (Bombay)

Rich kids from a privite school confortably playing criket on the "public" grounds.

The slums next to the "public" grounds where are the kids can watch a sport that would take them almost two years of begging to afford a bat (not a ball) to play with.

Most common form of transportation in India...the infamous rickshaw.

I was in a Bollywood movie as a back up dancer and some of my costars....sorry because the movie is still filming so NO pics of ANY of the scenes....The movie is called 'Blue' with Kylie Monogue. Look for me in the gold skirt and black top in the night club :)

I am sorry to all in the world this will offend. YES Indian food give you the runs like there is no tommorrow. Yes I like the poverty so as I can have a cheap meal, but YES INDIAN FOOD IS THE MOST DELICIOUS FOOD ON EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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