Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Images from the Mumbai

This is the hand-rail view from a Mumbai train at rush hour.

See what I was talking about!?!?!

I am not sure if that is insulting to cancer patients, Astological Cancers, both, or just a misunderstanding... remind me to ask someone :)

I tried to ask if he (the dog) was in the ticket line but then I remembered there are no such things in India so I just walked in front of him.

A ferari in Mumbai....ummm sorry but where the fuck did that come from??


Anonymous said...

you seem to be quite ignorant. mumbai is home to some of the wealthiest people in the world. just because you are in a third world country doesn't mean people don't have money. in fact, one thing that separates the third world from the 'first' is the gross inequalities when it comes to the distribution of wealth. so the next time you say "where the fuck did that come from" whilst you insinuate the irony of the situation, look at the situation from another perspective in your head and it'll show what a big moron you end up looking like.

LoveLiveSmile said...

Thank you for reading my blog, it is nice to know people are still willing to communicate these days. I am quite aware of the wealthy people in Mumbai actually Bolly Wood industry's impact on the GDP alone is quite substantial. I have never called India a third world country nor believe it as such. Begal has made millioinsaires in the cutomer service industry over night. But that is just it, the inequalities. So by saying "where the fuck did that come from" was as you said is was pointing out 'the irony of the situation' but not necessarly insinuating it (although a bit aggressive with the word 'fuck' I do agree).
This photo was taken 5 mins from one of the biggest slums in the world. And that car is in fact not a Ferrari, I did make a mistake there. That is a Lamborghini Gallardo worth as a shell at the very least $220,000 USD.
Now i LOVE looking at a situation from another perspective, that is in fact one of my main reasons for traveling. But I am confused on which perspective you think I am not seeing from, as I believe, I am agreeing with you, except of course for the moron and ignorant part (although I am amitingly ignorant sometimes, everyone is) :)