Friday, March 6, 2009

views from the train

Thank god I am tall. Enough said.

the only way to get that many people in the train is if at LEAST five to ten of those people have SOME kind of body part sticking out of it. Seriously.

You wouldn't believe the things that are happening as the train is going you see it all on the tracks. People collecting garbage, pissing (well that is all over India so nothing specical here), building houses, taking a shower, cows taking a nap (which explains HALF the train accidents here), and people hoping the train. It is truly amazing!!!

This was such an amazing experience really to see all the sights that you just wouldn't and couldn't see on the train tracks in other countries. About four seconds after I took this pic I put my hand down and saw a post heading straight for my head. Thank god I got my eight hours the previous night so I had my Indian-quick reactions to pull my head back in.

No seat no problem this space comes with el natural air conditioning!

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