Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Rainbow Nation...

Departing south africa was a mixed bag. There is a heavy racial cloud that still hovers over that land, some would say it has even gotten worse. To be honest there were many times I felt anger while I was there because I could see the potential in that country. It is massive it is beautiful it is rich of everything- natural resources, wildlife, diverse people, culture...and the list goes on. Yet it seems to all be crumbling away. Some I have spoken to blame it on the ANC, in fact there was even a advertisment along the highway that was pushing people to vote for the ANC, with a proud picture of Zuma next to the slogan, "working together we can do a lot more" and was enhanced at the hand of an urban artist to say, "working together we can do a lot more...CRIME"!
And that is how many feel, the ANC buys votes with houses among the uneducated. The polygimist Zuma is up for serious charges of rape and when asked if he was worried about having unprotected sex he responded with "Well no because I took a shower afterwards". There have been reports that his body guards have shot at people who have not pulled over while trying to overtake them. ...the NEXT PRESIDENT OF SOUTH AFRICA, does the country stand a chance?? Or is it going to be another Zimbawe...Hard to say but what I can say is that I heard from MORE than one white S. African trying to explain how much better things were before, well DUH!?!?!? You are white of course it was better for YOU! Crime has risen, rape is much more common, and more people are dying of AIDS...I can see an argument (not a justification mind you but everything is relative)

Because of my confusion and insufficient time to gain a deeper understanding I had to buy some reserch material to take with me.
One day while wondering the "unsafe" streets of a suburban neiborhood outside Cape Town I came across a book entitled "For Whites only" by Charles Cilliers, with the cover picture of a white guy pissing on a pan labled 'reconciliation' caught my eye. I picked it up and read the back ...
"Everything in South Africa seems to be about race. If you look back at the country's history, you'll see that it always was that way. Ours is a counry defined by race, but there is one race that had the choice to make it that way. Heading for fifteen years into democracy, South Africa seems to be even more about race than ever. The rainbow nation sometimes seems more like a technicolour dreamcoat-after Joseph's dipped it in blood.
This book has been written for all the whites who secretly, or not so secretly, believe tha the reason our country is going to hell is because of the blacks. Read this book-our country was hell. With every year that's passed since 1994, it has edged further from the flames. We're all still carrying out lighters through..."

Well I just had to buy it and the funny thing, it is written by a white guy. I am currently on page 37.

But I must say apart from the internalized fear of being raped, stabbed and carjacked I had quite a positive visit. I owe a lot of that to a fabulous friend there who really helped me to see as much as I could.

After returning to the Cape from teaching English in Taiwan for five years Walter, my friend found himself fed up with all that was/is going on in his part of the country and has decided to start an independence movement. If you are interested or have any questions just let me know I can pass them on. The movement is call Cape Independence Party.

However the situation ends up I wish peace and happiness to ALL!!!

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