Tuesday, January 20, 2009

some people DO make a difference

Through the girl whose house I am staying at I met a women who introduced me to a bag...but not any old bag. I was lucky enough to come across one bag that had been made completely out of trash and it was beautiful.

A gentleman by the name Stuart Gold has an NPO in Accra named Trashy Bags and he employees people to clean up all the plastic people have throw on the streets and beaches of Ghana to be washed sanitized and sew together to for a practical inexpensive and BEAUTIFUL bag. Not only that but they make make-up cases, tote bags, wallets, shopping bags (like the 'green bag'), back packs, side packs, hand luggage, and laptop computer brief cases!! You name it they can make it!!!

It is absolutely brilliant and I cannot tell you how ecstatic I was to meet him and see his amazing work.

To all my tree hugging plastic hating friends out there you got to check out his website: www.trashybags.org
This man is doing some pretty amazing things!

And what have YOU done to help our beatiful world today?????

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