Sunday, May 10, 2009

India...not so incredible

Okay so I made it out alive but I can't help but to feel confused, why in the hell do so many people love that country...
That question has been boggling my mind and all I could come up with were the following:

1: they are drug addicts
2: they never step foot out of an Ashram for long enough to see any of India
3: they stay less than two weeks and have enough money to get riped off or thieved from everyday
4: they have a tendency towards abusive relationships
5: they come from a previously closed country or one that has just recently enjoyed the frills of capitalism enough to make overseas trips possible and India is cheaper that dirt.
6: they come to "experience" poverty at its most extreme

Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately I don't belong to any of the above categories so I can't say I enjoyed the country... at all.
If you by any chance have any to add I would LOVE to hear them because I just don't get it. I believe India is a complete shit hole and shows the absolute worst of humanity that I have ever seen. Please remember that is MY opinion from MY personal experience.

As I usually do I will add on a positive note to my India soon as I think of one ;)

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jeffree said...

maybe you didn't go to the right places!..did you go to Hampi, Kerala,Goa, or Dharmasala?...It is not my favorite country by any means but some provinces are better than others(like Alabama or Oregon!) Sorry your trip there sucked!