Friday, January 30, 2009


I wish men could understand
I wish you could understand what it is like to be an object
to be seen with a sole purpose of a hole for procreation
understand the pain when you hurt us and the scars you leave behind
with your words, your acts, your fists
I wish you could understand the stress our bodies go through at every stage of our lives
the blood we lose
the rivers of emotions we swim through
the pain we ignore
the suffering we endure
and for what...

why do you fight for power
why can't you understand the fear you instill in us kills us slowly from the inside
why do you show indifference to the inequalities and injustices
why are we treated as worthless without you
why are we kept in the dark all the time
why are women the last to benefit and the first to suffer from mankind's makings
why are we persecuted for your mistakes
why are the rules always written by you

I wish you could understand...

hurt the way you have hurt us
experience what we had to experience
feel what we've felt
see what we've seen
bleed the same amount we have bled
and take ALL of it the way we have always taken it

and then MAN you will understand why you need to help us change this world!

This world is NOT a safe place for your sister, your mother, your aunt, or your daughter....
DO you feel good about that!?!?!

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