Thursday, June 3, 2010

My first poem

It has been just over a year I haven't written in my blog...after my world trip I had a lot to think about and lots has happen since I got back. I would like to start back with something I found among my stuff when I was back in Colorado in March when my mother died. It is a poem I wrote in High School for my best friend Penny.
"Times like this may come and go
but friends like you I'll never let go
you will never know what you mean to me
but a friend like you will always be
the one that I will laugh with
the one with I will cry
you will always be with me until the day I die."
I would like to rededicate that poem at this time to my mother.
I love you MOM always and forEVER!!!!

I also found something I wrote when I was first an exchange student in Taiwan in 2001:
I believe my heart is a caged bird, if you let it out it may fly away never to be seen again. But there is a chance you could always catch a glimpse of how marvelous it can be when it flies free...with nothing but wind and hope to guide it!!!

Apparently I knew myself better then than I do now! :)


man said...

hops, i cannot tell you how sorry i am to hear about your mom. i hope that you and your family are doing ok and just wanted you to know i keep you close in my heart.

Carlyn McKee said...

Hi, Kristina~~~* I love you. I miss you. Can we talk? we both have much to share :) my email is the same as ever... thanks for making this blog. I have been thinking about you and was glad I was able to find this again and you had been on recently. Its so great to see some highlights from your adventures, especially the photographs! I am so sorry to hear about your mother. Your poem is beauty-full and I love the rededication. I'm happy that the love and joy truths of your mom are lifting you up. Everlasting Love, my true friend. Glad we took a picture of our last hug- it has helped me smile and feel loved many times, but I'm due for another. Peace, sista333

LoveLiveSmile said...

Carlyn....OH WOW...I don't have your email as I lost access to my hops333 account last year... PLEASE email me your new one at